We are
benaco & fontana

Wearing a fine cloth gives exceptional gratification. We define fine cloth as a good quality with a resonable price.

Made in Italy

Italy Premium Contemporary brand

benaco & fontana is an Italian brand found in the city of Biella year 2014. benaco & fontana’s true value is all products are designed and made in the certified artisans and factories in different regions of Italy. Such as Napoli, Ancona, Bologna, and Milano. benaco & fontana uses over 90% of Biella’s fabrics for our wool garments.


Mission & Vision

benaco & fontana targets smart savvy consumers and is not aged restricted. It’s for all those who understands the basic value of good quality cloth.
Our vision is to create a global brand that can satisfy these savvy consumers in the world. We are not so focused on seasonal trends but more focused on creating Italian style contemporary casual for every season.

Our Philosophy

Italy surely has been dominant global leader for the luxury fashion market for over the past 20th and 21st century. However, with the great reputation and recognition of “made in Italy”, it was never ranked top for the contemporary and casual brand positioning, may be due to its adamant character of persisting luxury brand.

But we benaco & fontana has positive and global vision.

German automobile company, Volkswagen has been the leading global seller in the world for many years. As a result of successfully conveying the message of finest German made car for reasonable price.

benaco & fontana has a similar vision for clothing business.

We believe, “Made in Italy” should not be only for the 10% of the top high end consumers in the world, but utilize its fascinating know-how of making fine clothing to produce reasonably priced 100% made in Italy garments.


Cesare Perotto

CFO / Director

Previous Zegna Ermenegildo Sales director Italian and Europe.
Previous Brand Manager worldwide for Church’s.